Fun Pet Friendly Activities in the Rio Grande Valley

145662157_2b3f301eda_mWhen you’re traveling for a long period of time – as many Winter Texans are when they head south to wait out the cold – chances are you’ll want to bring your furry family members along with you! Luckily, all of Encore’s Rio Grande Valley RV Resorts are pet friendly, making it easy to find accommodations that will welcome your pets no matter where in the Rio Grande Valley you choose to stay.

Our RV Resorts feature lots of amenities to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible – for you and your pets. A number of our locations, including Fun N Sun in San Benito and Victoria Palms in Donna, have dog parks on site where you can let your dogs run around in a safe, enclosed area and play with other dogs staying at the resort. There are also numerous great places within our resort communities to walk your pets and enjoy the outdoors alongside your four-legged companions.

If you’re looking for pet friendly fun, the Rio Grande Valley is a great place to find it. There are many pet friendly activities and things to do in the region.

Dog Parks

A number of Rio Grande cities – including McAllen, Brownsville and Harlingen – have dog parks where pets can run around, play with other dogs and get some exercise. These parks range from being simple grassy, fenced-in areas where dogs can safely romp and run to more extravagant facilities featuring walking trails, agility courses, old fire hydrants and dog friendly water fountains. While these local dog parks are great for pets, they’re also great places for humans to meet and get to know other dog owners in the area.

Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping in the Rio Grande Valley are also great pet friendly activities. Many of the popular parks in the region, including a number of the Rio Grande Valley’s State Parks, allow pets to visit alongside their owners. However, if you’re hoping to hike or camp with your pet, be sure to check the park’s rules and regulations before visiting. There are number of regulations in place to protect both pets and the wildlife living within the parks – for instance, pets must remain leashed at all times, are not allowed in park buildings and must be supervised or accompanied by their owners at all times. Pets are only welcome if they meet the established criteria and follow park regulations throughout the duration of their stay, so be sure to review these carefully before bringing your pet along.


There are pet friendly restaurants scattered throughout the cities in the Rio Grande Valley and the nearby South Padre Island. Because of the mild South Texas climate, many restaurants feature outdoor seating and patios. Often times, restaurants with outdoor seating are open to customers bringing their furry companions along – as long as they are well-behaved and do not cause any kind of disturbance. Each individual restaurant is different, so be sure to call ahead and inquire before bringing your pet along.

Pet Amenities

With pet amenities conveniently located in the cities throughout the Rio Grande Valley – including McAllen, Harlingen, Donna and Weslaco – you’ll never be far from anything and everything you’ll need to care for your pet during your stay. The area features chain pet stores, including Petsmart and Petco, as well as local pet stores, boutiques, groomers and animal hospitals. From veterinary services to pet supply stores, the products and services you’ll need to keep your four-legged pal happy and healthy will be easily accessible, another reason the Rio Grande Valley is an incredibly pet friendly destination.

Ready to Have Some Pet Friendly Fun?

The Rio Grande Valley is a great place to visit with your pet. With so many pet friendly activities and amenities, you and your furry friends may never want to leave!

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