Spotlight on Alamo Texas

Alamo Texas is a small city with just over 18,000 year-round residents, located in the Rio Grande Valley. Although you might be tempted to think it was named after The Alamo located in San Antonio, it was instead named after the abundance of Cottonwood trees that grew in the area. Spanish-speaking people and original ancestors of the land called the Cottonwood tree ‘Alamo’, and a location with many of these trees would indicate to early settlers a welcome, fertile refuge with many natural resources.

The name still holds true today — Alamo is known as “The Refuge to the Valley” and is the doorway to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, a habitat that benefits wildlife and protects a healthy environment while providing unparalleled outdoor experiences for residents and visitors from throughout the world.

Today, Alamo is a fast-growing metropolitan city in a great central location, with the larger cities of McAllen to its west and Harlingen to its east. It’s location in the Rio Grande Valley, often dubbed the ‘Land of Two Summers’, makes it a welcome retreat for those looking to escape cold northern winters. Each year over 20,000 Winter Texans stay anywhere from three to eight months in Alamo, many in luxury, age-qualified RV Resorts, such as the Alamo Palms.

In addition, nature tourists flock to the many wildlife refuges and parks located in the area. The City of Alamo states that over 165,000 tourists come through the area each year, nearly 90% of them to go ‘birding’.

The Valley forms a vital flyway for over 500 bird species, including rare migratory song birds seldom seen outside their natural habitats in Central or South America. Needless to say, the area’s developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places for bird-watching in the country.

And, twenty miles from Alamo, across the border in Mexico is the small town of Nuevo Progreso, where many Winter Texans visit dentists and optometrists, or shop for prescriptions, vanilla and liquor within a compact and easy-to-walk four block radius.

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