Spotlight on San Benito, Texas

Situated southeast of Harlingen, San Benito, Texas is a popular place for Winter Texans to settle each year. The city is known as the Resaca City because of the river-like waterway that meanders through the community. Stemming from the Spanish word “resacar,” which means to retake, the resaca is an old river bed that is fed by the Rio Grande and now functions as the city’s main source of water. Convenient to many of the Rio Grande Valley’s major attractions, San Benito is a great place to enjoy the subtropical Texas climate and wait out the winter.

All nine Rio Grande Valley World Birding Center sites are within just an hour’s drive of San Benito, making the city a great place to stay if you plan to enjoy the amazing birding opportunities South Texas has to offer. San Benito is also home to a number of city parks and trails, all of which are open to the public. These parks are well-maintained and some even include gazebos, pavilions and picnic tables, making them great places to take a stroll in the sunshine and enjoy a picnic.

San Benito is also convenient to a number of other popular attractions, including South Padre Island and Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. You can easily relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy watersports, fishing, shopping and dining on South Padre Island, which is under an hour’s drive from San Benito. If you’re interested in visiting Mexico during your stay in the Rio Grande Valley, you can cross the border into Nuevo Progreso, an easy 35 minute drive from San Benito. There, you can shop for handcrafted goods, experience a taste of Mexican culture and take advantage of discounted prescriptions and dental services.

Home to a number of historic sites, San Benito is also a great place to be if you’re interested in learning about South Texas history. St. Benedict’s Church, constructed in 1925, is listed as a Texas Historic Landmark. El Patio La Villita is a historical building in downtown San Benito that was once the Rio Grande Valley’s premier dance hall and has hosted a number of notable musicians over the years. La Especial Bakery has been a fixture in the San Benito community for more than 50 years and is a beloved neighborhood meeting spot where freshly baked sweet pastries can be purchased. The San Benito Historic Cemetery, located on the outskirts of the city, is a fascinating plot of land where brightly adorned gravestones from the last 100 years can be found, reflecting the color and culture of the San Benito community. These and a number of other historic sites throughout San Benito add to the charm of the city and make it an incredibly unique place to visit.

There are a number of RV parks and resorts located in and around the city, making it a very convenient place for Winter Texans to stay. Encore’s age qualified, luxury Fun-N-Sun Resort is one of these RV resorts, offering top of the line amenities, onsite activities and state of the art facilities. If you’re thinking of visiting San Benito, be sure to check out this fantastic RV resort.

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