The Rio Grande Valley

Located in the southern most tip of Texas, the Rio Grande valley is a sub-tropical paradise with an average yearly temperature of 72 degrees. With warm weather and picturesque views, the area is a top pick for visitors from across the world. Naturally landscaped with beauty at every turn, there is no question as to why it is a sought-after destination for retirees and popular second-home for Winter Texans.

the Rio Grande Valley is a sub-tropical paradiseFrom palm trees to grapefruits, the lower Rio Grande Valley smells of citrus and sunshine! With close proximity to South Padre Island, gulf breezes and sandy shores delight both residents and visitors alike. Also known for top-notch birding, the Valley consistently ranks as one of the top ten birding locations with multiple refuges and state parks teaming with rarely-seen wildlife.

Home of the grapefruit and the 1015 onion, the valley has strong roots in agriculture in addition to tourism. Many local farms offer the chance to pick fresh produce and farmers markets can be seen in every city.

In contrast to the laid-back attitude and picture-perfect views, this booming economy is one of the fasting growing areas in the country. A solid infrastructure, lower housing prices, and a continually evolving community are another dimension to a place where culture roots and Mexican charm are still very present. The beauty of the Rio Grande Valley lies in its ability to allow you to relax in nature and yet, still have access to big city amenities.

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